Listener/Reader Photos: We’ll Take ‘Em

Lately I’ve had several of our listeners send me cool photos they’ve taken either around Lincoln or at other points of interest, so I’m going to start featuring them on the blog.  If you’ve got any shots you think I’d be interested in, send them to me at  This week I got a couple of pretty impressive pictures in my inbox. 

First, an impressive look at the 300th Sellout at Memorial Stadium from incredible amateur photographer and good friend of mine, Brian Pope.  Click for a larger look.

300th Sellout: Nebraska vs. La-Lafayett (c) 2009 Brian Pope

300th Sellout (c) 2009 Brian Pope

It’s also been a terrible week for natural disasters between what happened in both Indonesia and Samoa.  One of our most loyal listeners “Howdy” John works for Norland International, a Lincoln company that designs and builds bottled water plants.  Well, one of those plants with Lincoln roots is located in Pago Pago, American Samoa, which was hard hit by this week’s earthquake and tsunami, which has killed over 150 people.  He sent me these pictures show some of the incredible damage left in the wake of this disaster.

tennis court

This used to be a tennis court with a 2-story house in front of it.

Norland Car

This picture was picked up by several media outlets, so you may have seen it before.


The folks at the plant estimated the water was 15-20 ft. high.

Finally, I was waxing poetic about Cool Crest Miniature Golf Course this week and listener David Hersch, formerly of Lincoln (now in Augusta, GA) had his mother, Donna, send over these old-school pictures of David and his brother at Cool Crest.  Nice!  I miss that place.

Circa 1986?

Circa 1986?


Cool Crest was unbelievable no matter what John Bishop says

Cool Crest was unbelievable no matter what John Bishop says


One Response to Listener/Reader Photos: We’ll Take ‘Em

  1. jackie says:

    That elephant can now be found at roca berry farm during a hayrack ride for pumpkins

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