Real-Life Herbie UPDATE

HerbieI posted this in the thread with the picture below, but here’s the update on my search for the “Real-Life Herbie Husker”:

UPDATE 9/30:  Thanks to all of our readers and listeners, I’ve located the “Real Life” Herbie, spoken with him and he’ll join us on the show sometime in the coming days (I’ll let you know when the date is confirmed.)  His name is Kent Titze, he lives in Arizona, but apparently is originally from Nebraska and he appears in the movie “Yes Man” near Jim Carrey in the Nebraska football scene.  Thanks again for all the help on this, and we can’t wait to hear from Kent/Herbie directly on the show!


One Response to Real-Life Herbie UPDATE

  1. Ross Wunderlich says:

    I want to know if Joe Ganz’s nickname back in High School was really “Twinkle Toes”. One of HS friends that I work with on occasion in Texas shared that with me. Any truth to this?

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