The Real-Life Herbie Husker?

The Real Life Herbie Husker?

The Real Life Herbie Husker? (click for larger version)

UPDATE 9/30:  Thanks to all of our readers and listeners, I’ve located the “Real Life” Herbie, spoken with him and he’ll join us on the show sometime in the coming days (I’ll let you know when the date is confirmed.)  His name is Kent Titze, he lives in Arizona, but apparently is originally from Nebraska and he appears in the movie “Yes Man” near Jim Carey in the Nebraska football scene.  Thanks again for all the help on this, and we can’t wait to hear from Kent/Herbie directly on the show!

So I’m watching the PPV of the NU/ULL game with my family on Friday night, and with about four minutes left in the first quarter, Roy Helu tore off a 39-yard run.  After the run, the cameras panned the celebratory crowd and everyone in the room took note of the gentleman above (hat tip to the folks at HuskerVision for the picture).


See the resemblance?

Immediately, we all had the exact same reaction:  this dude looks, exactly, EXACTLY like the circa 1980s cartoon blonde Herbie Husker who’s now been replaced with the trimmer, less hick-ish brunette Herbie.  Seriously, it’s like the cartoon was modeled after this guy, his face is shaped exactly the same, the hair is exactly right, the smile is spot-on.  Maybe he could stand to gain about 30 pounds, and it’d be perfect.

I was always more of a fan of the ’80s blonde Herbie than anything they’ve done since, and I think the overall-clad cartoon giving the “OK” sign (see right) with the corn in his back pocket should still be the signature logo for the Athletic Department.

That said, I’ve always kind of liked teams that have actual people without masks as their mascots (like the Notre Dame leprechaun or the West Virginia Mountaineer), and here it’s pretty clear that Herbie already has an uphill battle with the kids given the popularity of Lil’ Red.  So, I’m starting a grassroots movement to get this guy on the field as the new Herbie Husker.  I don’t remember ever seeing an actual person look like a cartoon character quite like this, so I think it’d be a wasted opportunity if we didn’t put the real-life Herbie’s resemblance to cartoon Herbie to use in some fashion.   

If anyone knows this guy or has any more background on him, email us at, I’d love to talk to him on the show. 

Let the search for real-life Herbie commence.


2 Responses to The Real-Life Herbie Husker?

  1. Mr. Wilson says:

    I DM’d you on Twitter but just in case: his name is Kent Titze and he’s from Phoenix, AZ. Credit Gene for finding the crucial info (here:

  2. Chris says:

    His wife is a 1970 UNL grad and their kids went to UNO. He’s in the Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man” seated directly behind Carrey in some of the stadium scenes.

    Go Big Red!

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