Friday Night Videos!

OK, so it’s 2:00 in the afternoon, but in titling today’s entry, I couldn’t help but honor that show that so many of us who didn’t have access to MTV used to keep up to date on the latest offerings by pop musicians in the 80s and early 90s.

Now, to today’s videos.

1.  Maybe you heard us talking today about how a reporter in the White House press pool sneezed during a press conference held by Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sibelius.  The Secretary playfully chastized NBC’s Chuck Todd for not properly covering his mouth.  After that incident, the video below is getting a lot of hits.  It shows President Obama, well, not quite taking the Secretary’s advice during a past interview.  Does he actually try and wipe his sneeze off the reporter?  Gross!

2.  This is the song we played on the show today.  It’s become a bit of a local viral video hit and features a man named Tom Roth strolling around the NE State Fair while singing a song with fairly scathing, yet funny lyrics about the fair moving out of Lincoln.  Plus, it’s the only song I’m aware of that mentions Roger Yant by name.

3.   How about a little psych-up fodder for tomorrow’s NU/VT matchup by taking a look back at one particuar play from last year, thanks to some Hokie fan who posted it on YouTube.  Does it seem like a good call a year later? 


One Response to Friday Night Videos!

  1. Ceilie Barnes says:

    I wake up every morning to you guys for my own amusement.Listening to your comments had left me laughing 90% of the time due to your own bias.

    In the comments you made about POTHUS, I was LOL when you were crititical of Ms. Winfrey. Only in your dreams could you both together match her. With her kindness and benevolence and her doing things that benefit others and you do what? Obsess about NE football for 9 months?

    I say: Checkbook…..and yours together vs. hers!

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