Not exactly Tow-Mater

When we interviewed Larry the Cable Guy earlier this year, I told him that his voice is a constant presence in our house because of his work in the movie Cars as the lovable but clumsy tow truck, Tow Mater.  Well, tow trucks are going to be a topic of discussion on our show again, but the ones we’ll bring up aren’t quite as adorable as Larry’s Pixar character.

It seems that the legislature has taken an interest in the prices that towing companies charge to tow and store cars, and there is discussion about putting some sort of a state-mandated price cap on those services.  The argument is that the Legislature has regulatory authority based on the fact that it’s the state that allows the towing companies to put a lien on the vehicle at all. 

I was towed after unknowingly parking in spots reserved for railroad workers near the Harris Overpass in Lincoln about five years ago.  I picked up my car the next day and, as I recall, I paid a bill that approached $150.  There are other stories out there about daily storage fees of $17, that unpaid after a few days results in situations where it costs more to get your car than the car is actually worth.

So is this another undue entrance into private industry by Government?  Or is this an issue where there is no true market compeition catered to those paying the fees, leaving only government regulation to protect the consumer?  We’ll discuss this tomorrow during the 7:00 hour, but leave your comments here.


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  1. […] about this story on the air today, I got in touch with Senator Steve Lathrop’s office who, as we detailed in September, is working on some legislation that might curb predatory towing and ridiculously high towing […]

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