Sigma Chi–Rule or Exception?

Sigma Chi has been suspended from the UNL campus for four years in the face of criminal charges against nine members, recovery of large quantities of alcohol in the house, and two civil suits alleging a variety of hazing incidents within the fraternity. 

I didn’t go to UNL nor was I part of any Greek system, so I don’t have first-hand experience, but I wonder if these activities alleged to have occured at the Sigma Chi House are more common, either at UNL or around the country, than many of us realize.  I acknowledge that the allegations of sexual assault are pretty out there, but beyond that, I certainly wonder if this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Tomorrow I want your feedback.  Did you ever go through hazing rituals either in a Greek system or elsewhere, whether it was ‘inncocent fun’, or something more than that?  Do you have a child that did?  While we don’t want to make light of the things that some of these students allegedly had to go through, but I do think it’s worth trying to a get a real-world picture of what’s actually going on behind closed doors.


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