Obama’s Address To Schools – Can you find the subliminal message?

Here it is.  The controversial speech President Obama is giving (or not giving) to millions of school children nationwide Tuesday.

Read it.  Challenge yourself to read the words, to understand the message without the filter of partisanship.  Is there really a subliminal message to turn your children into aspiring little Socialists?

Some parents cannot get past the messenger.  I understand.  Some absolutely cannot stand (dare I say “hate”) President Obama.  Same as millions could not stand (or “hate”) President Bush and Vice President Cheney or cannot stand (or “hate”) Sarah Palin.  Imagine if the exact same words Obama plans to say to kids Tuesday were spoken by Bush, Cheney or Palin.  You can bet your bottom dollar that millions of angry parents on the left would be making the same silly threats of pulling their kids from school as right leaning parents are making today.

That’s the sad state of affairs in our nation.  We continue to drift further and further apart as a country.  The only time we can ever just agree on anything is when we have a common foe.  Any smart terrorist would just as well sit back, eat their falafel and enjoy as we beat the crap out of each other ideologically.


4 Responses to Obama’s Address To Schools – Can you find the subliminal message?

  1. Bob says:

    It is really sad that the far right does not believe in democrocy. President Obama is our president, he was elected in what was a fair election. He should be respected, and we MUST teach our children to respect him. My father didn’t like Richard Nixon, but when I was home from college one weekend and said something very negitive about President Nixion, my father told me something I will never forget, “You may not like the man or his politics, but he is our president, and we should be happy to live in a country where we can elect our leader”.

  2. Deanna says:

    Democrocy??? Is that a word? Our country is a representative government, not a democracy. I don’t believe that Obama should be able to interrupt the actual teaching of our students with a public service announcement. He is more than welcome to send a letter to be provided to all students. How quickly we forget when President Bush addressed a school in 1991. The democrats held hearings about the speech. Even the NEA made their potshots about it. Where is thier outcry now? Hearings??? I don’t think so. Instead, they are wondering why parents are upset with the speech. Obama is the most polarizing candidate of our time.

  3. Nick Cole says:

    A quick reply to Bob (above) … the “far right” certainly does “believe in democracy” … to believe otherwise is short sighted and uneducated. While I do believe that the left overwhelmingly loves America, we have definate differences in how we achieve the end product; the left believing that big government is the answer to all things and that they alone know best how to spend our ever increasing taxes, while the right would believe that WE the taxpayers know best and that the government needs to leave our money with US … capitalism works and works best when government provides necessary legislation and oversight ONLY … the trend toward socialism is dangerous and undemoctratic to say the least.

    As to the comments of John Baylor this morning just after 7:00 AM concerning President Obama’s speech to students; I too was taught as a youngster to respect our President, but vehiment disagreement with him on legislation or something like his speech to students is necessary, patriotic, and democratic. President Obama, by nature, is “political” and it seems that everything he does is meant to enhance his political image in some way … this speech included. I would like to challenge Mr Baylor by asking … do you REALLY believe that the speech that President Obama’s handlers posted is the one that he initially intended to deliver to our students? I believe that in general, a message to young people by a sitting OR ex-President should be in order, however not to be used at a platform for a political statement or for indoctrination of young minds. His unwillingness to post this speech a week ago, along with his intent to have the students participate by writing how THEY could help their President, both confirm to me that first, it was going to be something far different originally and second, the “speech” WAS changed after a political finger was raised in the air to sense the “climate”. We should NOT be naive about such things Mr Baylor … be it EITHER a sitting Republican OR DEMOCRATIC President (or even VP, legislators, cabinet members, mayors, governors, etc) … they work for US and we should NOT be dumbed down electorate that they wish us to be! Come on people!!!

  4. johnnybish1 says:

    I’ll tell “Mr. Baylor” about his incendiary comments.

    Meanwhile, I will respond on “his” behalf. How do we know the “original” speech was going to indoctrinate anybody. That was the assumption by the hair triggers on the Right. (Mind you, not everybody on the Right has hair triggers, I’m just saying those on the Right who are hair triggers.)

    And what is wrong by asking kids what they can do to help their President? Did anyone hear President Kennedy’s inaugural? Asking what one can do for their country is the same as asking what one can do for their President. We are loyal to the office and we must teach our children to RESPECT that office, regardless of who is in it.

    Ironically, the same people on the Right who accused the Left of disloyalty and lack of patriotism during the war are now the ones crying foul. It’s politics as usual and the entire country is being dragged down as a result.

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