Accural Intentions

August 28, 2009

We’ve spent a decent amount of time in the last month talking about ‘vacancy savings’ and how it could affect the city budget.  That same topic has engendered quite a bit of passion in city council debates over the last couple of weeks as well.  So, for today’s “If the News were Movies” trailer (did we mention it’s an award winning segment?) we decided to poke a little fun at the fact that while our leaders go back and forth on this topic and have been doing so for the better part of a month before the vote this week, the vast majority of Lincolnites are either unaware, uninterested or flat out bored with such an extensive discussion of strategic budgeting and accounting. 

We ran this during the show this morning and immediately got a call from the Mayor’s office.  That’s not unprecedented, we communicate with them frequently on various issues, sometimes they’ve got questions about somethign we’ve said, or if you can believe it, we’ve ruffled some feathers at city hall on other occasions.  This time, however, the call was to let us know how funny they thought the piece was.  Wow, nothing like going into the weekend with an unexpected compliment. 

If you missed the trailer, check it here.


Infidelity? Try Public Humiliation

August 27, 2009

Ever been cheated on by a spouse?  If you have, I’m sure many different punitive actions have been considered.  But here’s an idea from a woman in Washington, D.C. (no, it’s not Hillary Clinton.)

Check it out.

Lincoln: 1956

August 3, 2009

Our look at “Fantasy O Street” continues to get attention from those of you who remember the days gone by.

Here is a submission from listener John Bruce who found this business map of Lincoln while cleaning up his parent’s home.  Hard to imagine today a town where 70th Street was the “outskirts”, the Holmes Lake area was cornfields and Highway 2 was “new” and not much of anything beyond acreages and farm land existed south of it.