Fantasy “O” Street – Part I: 48th to 84th

WOW!  What a conversation we had Wednesday morning about Fantasy “O” Street.  Hopefully, you got to participate or at least hear it (Segment 1)  (Segment 2).  If not, we continue the discussion over here.

With that said, I have created an initial mockup of what Fantasy “O” Street would look like based on Jack and my thoughts as well as your suggestions.  THESE ARE NOT FINAL.  So don’t dispair if your favorite “O” Street icon is not included.  Also, I cannot totally verify accuracy of the location of all of these businesses.  So please offer comment below or e-mail to the Cartridge World inbox and I can make the necessary corrections.


GREEN - existing business; YELLOW - changes to existing O Street

GREEN - existing business; YELLOW - changes to existing O Street

GREEN - existing business; YELLOW - changes to current O Street

GREEN - existing business; YELLOW - changes to current O Street

GREEN - existing business; YELLOW - changes to current O Street

GREEN - existing business; YELLOW - changes to current O Street

This is a pretty intense little graphic project, so Part II (27th to 48th) and Part III (downtown) are still to come.  After the first trilogy, I’ll get with George Lucas to see if we go into the prequel, Part IV (West O).


4 Responses to Fantasy “O” Street – Part I: 48th to 84th

  1. gary binder says:

    Comments for “Phase One”;

    Instead of Guitars and Caldillacs go back to the Cooper Theater. This was a nice venue in its day.

    As a long-time Lincoln person who had dealings with Misle Chevrolet, let’s just say that I’m much happier with a Walgreen’s and Runza there!

    As part of the Villager Motor Inn don’t forget the Aku-Tiki Lounge, a classic 70’s bar.

    I miss Tony & Luigi’s but I also like the Barnes and Noble as well as the Hy Vee – maybe they could co-exist.

    Back east, don’t forget Grisanti’s next to Graham Tire, still a fine place to eat.

    For East Park you need to specify “before the unfortuante rebuilding”. They used to be a nice little mall – HobbyTown, the movies, the food court, AT Thomas Jewelry, etc. In that area don’t forget to change CVS back to Osco Drug.

    Past 70th add Egg Roll King next to Neighbor’s Lounge – the fried rice is good!

    By the way, it wasn’t “Bob Devaney’s Legionaire Club”, there was a lot a work by many people in the Legion and by Bob Logsdon (the club manager) to make this one of the best restaurants in Lincoln.

    For older Lincolnites – what was the bar/restaurant that was in place before Flakey Jakes? It was a classy place that had good food.

  2. gary binder says:

    Next Phase (48th on west);

    On the NW corner there was a nice little place that had excellent prime rib and french onion soup (I forget the name)

    Lincoln’s first Best Buy was across the street to the south, although the pet store there is a nice one. The original use was a King’s Food Host drive in (and I believe corporate offices) then it was rebuilt to a Super Saver grocery store.

    Back about 31st and O is a little group of stores on the south side of the street. There was a nice little hobby store called “The Hobby Store” that was run by the family of Wendy Birdsall.

    At 28th and O (SW corner)was a Holiday gas station, one of the few places in Lincoln that was open late in the 70s.

    At 27th and O we had Winter Drug (formerly a Wagey’s) on the SE corner and Beechner’s Supermarket on the SW corner. There was a good donut store in the strip mall on the NW corner and the Great Plains Motel on the NE corner had a better reputation.

    There was a Safeway store near 26th and O. The Penthouse Lounge was between 24th and 25th on the north side of O.

    The Rock Island railroad crossed O street near 20th street and often tied up traffic. At 19th and O was another King’s Food Host drive in (Food Host was Larry Price’s operation, plain “King’s” or “Kings Crest” were Jim King’s two places on South Street).
    Just west of King’s Food Host was Duteau Chevrolet.
    Lincoln’s first “adult” movie theater was on the north side of O between 17th and 18th. Fenton Rexall Drug Store was on the SE corner of 18th or 19th and O

    There was real shopping in downtown.

    The State Theater was a popular movie place on the south side between 15th and 14th street. Dick’s Hobby was right across the street and carried models, trains, crafts and archery supplies.

    Hested’s department store was on the SW corner of 14th and O, the building later had an Ardan’s Jewelry store before a record store.

    Between 14th and 13th on the south side was the Toy Castle, a drug store, Lincoln’s first Little King sandwich shop and a jewelry store plus the ever-present Walgreens. On the north side was JC Penny’s (NE corner of 13th and O) and Hardy Furniture (mid block)

    On the SW corner of 13th and O was Miller & Paine Department Store. Magee’s clothing was at the SE corner of 12th and O. Across the street were the National Bank of Commerce (now Wells Fargo) and Hovland-Swanson ladies’ clothing.

    On the SW corner of 12th and O was an old SS Kresge’s dime store with FW Woolworth further down the block near 11th Street. Dietze Music was/is at 12th and O and Latsch’s Office Supply was between 11th and 12th. For many years there was a Lawlor’s Sporting Goods between 11th and 12th on the north side of O street.

    The classic dinosaur of a department store – Gold’s (later Brandeis, then back to Golds), with WT Grant store (later St. George and the Dragon restaurant) and the 1st National Bank was at 10th and O. To the north across O Street was Kuhl’s restaurant.

    On the SW corner of 10th and O in the Terminal Building which was home to both the Selective Service System offices and KFMQ radio.

  3. Rita says:

    Have you read Mary Jane Nielsen’s book on A Street Named O, she has two more books out on Lincoln that are just SUPER!

  4. Jon Roth says:

    Neighbor’s Lounge was a King’s originally. Legionnaire was Tony Domino’s Italian Village. Tony & Luigi’s was originally called the Blue WIllow Lodge when Louis Demma owned it. Reuben’s before Flakey Jake’s. Ken Eddy’s was the place on nw corner of 48th & O–Don’t forget Redwing Conoco across the street next to King’s Food Host. Fruit Stand on se corner of 56th. Holly Motel where Cooper Lincoln Theater stands.

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