Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire, Part LXXXVII

Just when you thought it was safe to think that controversies surrounding Lincoln Fire & Rescue were over……(you finish the line.)

Here’s the full story.  The bottom line is this:  the city’s contract with the firefighters demands that 76 firefighters be on duty at all times.  When the stipulation was negotiated and voted on by the council last year, they did so under the notion that we were already at those staffing levels and the stipulation would cost no extra money.  Ooops, somebody screwed up….it’s going to cost us $300,000 this year and God only knows how much more every other year.

Today (Wednesday) with Coby on vacation, Jack and I are “taking over” the afternoon show.  Oh boy, I bet Coby wishes he could be on the air.  He and LIBA were dead set against this stipulation.  So too were councilmen Jon Camp and John Spatz who voted against it.  Spatz told us this morning that the financial information the council receives for these kind of things comes from the personnel department.  The fire union says “blame the administration.”  Fire Chief Niles Ford says “we had incorrect data.”

It is up to Jack and I to get to the bottom of this coming up at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon.  Oh, joy!

Anytime a fire department controversy arises, I get ticked off and Jack gets indifferent.  It’s just a matter of perspective.  I have been covering this kind of crap for-seemingly-ever.  And as long as there is a firetruck there when Jack starts a fire with his gas grill, he’s happy.  Jack will have his hands full keeping me from spouting off things like this….

From now on all fire truck sirens should be replaced with “Yakity Sax” (otherwise known as the theme of “The Benny Hill Show.”

LFR Controversy:  The joke’s not funny anymore!


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