More on Lincoln’s Peers

As you can see in the post below, we did some research using census numbers to find ‘peer cities’ to Lincoln based strictly on population.  The results were a mix of comparing city populations and MSA populations to  that of Lincoln, and we feel pretty comfortable we’ve got ten of the most comparable areas in the country based strictly on the population makeup of the cities and corresponding MSAs.

As it turns out, Police Chief Tom Casady was listening during the on-air discussion and he found the ‘peer city’ list interesting too, but for a different purpose.  On his blog today, he’s broken down some of the crime rates of those cities and compared them to Lincoln.  Several interesting things can be extrapolated from the numbers.  First and foremost, it seems as though the understaffed police force we hear about is a reality, at least when compared with our ‘population peers’.   

Also, check out the crime rate in Shreveport.  Now you know what people talk about when they refer to the ‘social costs’ of gambling–although you’d think the numbers in Reno might be higher as well.

I’m thinking we can do more with this list.  Any other comparisons you’d like to see between Lincoln and it’s population peers?  Drop a comment below if you’ve got one, and I’ll do some more research.     

Anyway, check out the Chief’s blog–he does a great job.  Also note that he didn’t hotlink to our blog in that latest entry.  My guess is that he probably doesn’t want to do anything that would promulgate the realization of his greatest fear–that we’re someday going to pass him in daily hits. The blog rivalry continues.  🙂


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