“The Miracle on Vine Street” Now On You Tube

10-11’s Dick Janda said something in 1980 that I still hold true to this day.  Outside of Husker football, the Boys State Basketball Tournament is the second biggest sporting event in the state of Nebraska.

“Whoa,” you say.  What about the College World Series which begins another two week run in Omaha this weekend?

Nope.  While nationally, it’s arguably our most prestigious event, for what it means to the state both historically and culturally, Boys State Basketball is numero uno……(behind Big Red football, of course.)

I could go on, but the real reason for this blog is to share with you a true gem from State Basketball that I had never seen before and perhaps the greatest moment in the history of the nearly 100 year old event.  Fellow radio broadcaster and former state championship winning player Jeff Motz brought this to my attention Thursday.  The famed “Miracle on Vine Street” play that won Lincoln East the 1971 Class A title is now online at You Tube.

A quick review:  East and Papillion were tied at 72 with :02 left at the old NU Coliseum.  East had the ball to inbound under their own basket.  Jack Ball threw a long baseball pass into the East frontcourt that sailed over the head of Copple and nearly went out of bounds.  Rick Samuelson alertly dove for the errant pass and saved it into the hands of Copple who threw up a runner from about 18 feet away that won the game.

“The Miracle” along with Wahoo’s famous 1989 “Richter Roar” dramatic rally against Pius X are mentioned most when it comes to great state tournament moments.

It’s a great piece of Nebraska sports history that I thought was lost forever.  Now preserved on the worldwide web for all to see…..one more time.  Enjoy!


3 Responses to “The Miracle on Vine Street” Now On You Tube

  1. Laurie says:

    Thanks so much for letting us know this is out there, and a big thanks to whomever uploaded it! I was a junior at Lincoln East that year and was in the stands that day. I still remember the excitement at that awe-inspiring play! I remember waiting for the scoreboard to change to reflect that we really won!

    Thanks, guys, you made my Friday!

  2. I was the coach of the Papillion team that suffered that heartbreaking loss. They were such a great group of players, students and citizens. Over the years, we have shed a few tears together thinking of what could have been. To this day, I hope the team is as proud of themselves and I am and always will be.
    Since 1971, I have been trying to find a video copy of the entire game. It would make an old coach very happy if someone could make that happen. I would be happy to pay for the costs involved. The quality of this download is great. We are trying to put a reunion together of players, coaches, families and friends. The game film would be awesome. Once more, I congratulate Paul and his Lincoln East team. What a play.

    Thanks for the memories. Coach Hanson.

  3. Ron Fredericks says:

    I wrote to Troy Glock a few years ago about the Wahoo miralce in 1989 over Pias X.

    It was an incredible shot and he seems like a great guy.

    He wrote back to me and sent me an autograph to boot.


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