Lincoln’s Greatest Hits

A couple weeks back, right after we had heard Jerry Seinfeld was coming to Lincoln, we had a fun call-in topic in which we asked listeners to recall the landmark concerts in Lincoln history.  Of course John and I brought up Farm Aid and Elvis at Pershing, but also had great memories from callers including Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, and several others.  Unfortunately, we realized is that now that Pershing Center is relatively outdated and the State Fair hasn’t pulled in the level of shows at Devaney that it used to, amost all of the hot concert tickets happened at least 15 years ago. 

In any case, I’m quite intrigued with this topic, and I’d love to throw together a more complete history of the biggest concerts in Lincon.  I’ve always been a person who remembers events by the music that was popular around the time when they happened (thus, our ‘Back in the Day’ segment).  So if you have any memories, hit me with a comment or shoot me an email.

Also, after that segment, I visited with Bob Downey from the Capital Humane Society and he lent me a CD from his collection:  “Dick’s Picks–Grateful Dead, Live from Pershing Municipal Auditorium on February 26, 1973“.  That got me to thinking, I wonder how many major artists have included live album cuts from shows they’ve done in Lincoln.  I know when Ben Folds played the Rococo about seven years ago, he used the track “The Luckiest” from that show on his Live album.  I swear, you can hear me whistling in the background if you listen closely.

I wonder if I could make an entire album (or, if you’re a little younger, a playlist) comprised of major artists’ live recordings in Lincoln.  If you know of any others, pass them along–I’m going to take a stab at this project.


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