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As our blog hits soar thanks to, here’s the latest update on the controversy surrounding the selection of the MS Paint License plate for the State of Nebraska and the possible hoax that enabled the same.  In short, something we’ve dubbed “Plategate”. 

We talked to Kevin Corrigan (podcast here), the guy over at Collegehumor that started this whole thing up.  He told us that his numbers indicated that over 14,000 votes (or at least link-clicks) cam from his posting on Collegehumor.  He also said that he doesn’t believe that there’s any way that those votes would have come in evenly for all four plates, although he didn’t have any evidence to back that up other than the fact that the post itself called for the voters to select option #2 (the ‘barf-tastic’ one).

We also talked to Jen Rae Hein (podcast here) from the Governor’s office who said all the votes were counted, even from Collegehumor, but that they didn’t skew the results because they came in evenly between the four options. 

We had a few people call in and complain that we were wasting time on a non-story.  I personally found it just what the doctor ordered for a state just off dealing with gravely serious issues like abortion ultrasounds and lethal injection.  But if you think we took it too far, what do you think of this site?  Yeah, nothing like a little Bill Callahan pic to rile up the masses.

Seriously, though, how many people actually believe the votes from came in equally between the designs?  I’m not calling anyone a liar, it’s just hard to buy, given the circumstantial evidence.  Are people actually upset enough about this to take action?  I got the sense that no matter how many complaints the DMV or Governor receive, that this is a done deal, but I’ve certainly been wrong before.


2 Responses to More on Plategate

  1. Gene says:

    This is actually becoming quite fun in my humble opinion.

  2. Kudos for following a great fun story!

    Maybe it’s not as life or death as other headlines, but it does point out some local government foibles that we should at least recognize and probably address. What the story boils down to (IMHO) is:

    1) The DMV should be a little more organized and publicize the license plate contest well in advance, allowing anyone from NE to submit a design idea, then narrowing it to several choices through a panel. Make a big deal of it! Publicity is good, and this could be fun!

    2) Some thought needs to be given to the fact that doing the poll online through the DMV’s site hindered — if not prevented — non-computer using Nebraskans from voting, AND opened us up to a prank that might have skewed the results.

    Nebraska DMV: you want to do this right in 2017? Run the design contest in 2015, then when Nebraska drivers renew their vehicle registration in 2016 give them a form to mark their choice for the upcoming plates. Or, if you want to do the voting online, then have people type in their current license plate number to verify votes.

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