Nebraska’s Barf-tastic New Licence Plates: Chosen By A College Prank?

May 19, 2009

UPDATE:  Jack & John Exclusive – Governor’s spokeswoman Jen Rae Hein, joins us at 7:05am 7:35 a.m. WEDNESDAY to discuss possible sabotage in the online voting.  Kevin Corrigan, the mastermind behind College’s efforts to vote in Nebraska’s black & gray licence plates joins us at 7:15am WEDNESDAY on 1400 KLIN and

As pointed out by an alert commenter to our blog, Nebraska may have been victimized by a college prank website in the choice of our new licence plates.

Before those of you with taste prepare to bombard these little rascals back to the sweatsock smelling dorm room from whence they came, take a step back……..and congratulate them.

This prank, though very simple to execute, was pure genius.  Take advantage of a state that showed absolutely ZERO original thought and use it against them to select perhaps one of the dumbest licence plate designs since Henry Ford first slapped a Michigan tag on a Model A.  Seriously, look at the outpouring of people willing to submit their own designs to the World Herald and Journal Star.  A good majority of these homemade models were 10x better than the four we got to vote on – which were LEFTOVERS from the last design competition four years ago!!!!  Anything leftover from four years ago which doesn’t have the label Dom Perignon or Glenfiddich should be thrown down the trash compactor.

Hey, mom!  Anymore leftover meatloaf......from 2005???

Hey, mom! Anymore leftover meatloaf......from 2005???

We (and many callers) thought it was clearly the worst of the four options, all of which were fairly bad.  Doesn’t it look like Microsoft Word when you accidentally have left justify on and you intended for it to be centered?   It’s funny because I was on the phone with local advertising executive Jim Lauerman of Bailey Lauerman this weekend and we were both marveling at just how surprisingly bad this particular design was, but I don’t think either of us thought it had any chance of winning.

Yet somehow, this design won the popular vote.  Any of you vote for it? 

UPDATE: has thanked us for notifying them of this story.  For those of you out-of-Nebraska folks visiting the blog for the first time who would like to hear the interview, you can do so live at 7:15 Central here.