Radio/TV Jingles You Can’t Forget


I was trying to get some work done this morning and I could hear one of my FM Morning Show counterparts down the hall singing that  monotone “Five Dollar Footlong” jingle Subway has been running lately.  Next thing you know, I can’t stop get it out of my head no matter what  I do.  Curse you, marketing industry!  That got quite a conversation going about the most memorable/annoying/difficult to get out of your head radio and TV jingles of all time.  Now, whether it’s “You Deserve a Break Today” (see video) or “I want my baby back baby back baby back,” I can’t get these jingles out of my mind, so I’ve spent much of the day capturing some of the old ones you may have forgotten and we’ll do a rundown tomorrow complete with your calls. 

Also, that conversation dovetailed into yet another discussion about local radio spots we can’t forget.  Whether it’s the Schaeffer’s Christmas in July or “Gas ‘N Shop, good and friendly, and never too far away”, we all had memories.  I’d love to hear some of the national and local ad jingles you can’t forget in the comments section.


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