Governor Heineman Weighs in on BSDC

May 21, 2009

Glad to see even after being called out for dwelling on non-newsworthy topics, we can still be cited by some newspaper in a news story during the same week. 

By the way, very interesting interview with the Governor, full audio here.  Feel free to share your thoughts.


A Rebuttal to Sarah–and others

May 20, 2009

I’ve received a smattering of calls and emails in the vein of commenter Sarah, who said this in response to the original license plate post:

Can you concider (sic) talking about something news worthy?  I am so sick of this license plate issue.  really who cares what it looks like?  thank you gov. for keeping this process cost effective and not extending the pain of Jack and Johns listeners, this is close to the rants and irrelevant raves of the state fair park cry babies…

Just to clarify, we were not the only ones who thought this was a relevant, newsworthy story worth part of the day’s discussion on the air.  Joining us in that opinion were the Journal Star (twice), their editorial board,  the Omaha World-Herald, 10/11 TV, WOWT, and many other outlets who featured the story prominently today or yesterday. In addition, this was far and away the most commented story on the LJS’s website for the entire week (and started a brushfire discussion almost all of the links above), almost quadruple anything close. 

When I plan topics for a show, my aim is to talk about the things Lincoln is talking about, and this clearly fits that bill.  I’m the first to admit that may not always be the hard news story.  We’re of the belief that morning radio listeners like a little levity mixed in with the news occasionally.  You can get pure hard news from scads of media sources, but we try to provide a little something extra–commentary, laughs, community discussions, lifestyle topics, entertainment, etc. 

Plus, given that we spent a good portion of the last week talking about grave subjects like abortion ultrasounds and lethal injections and will discuss our state’s most vulnerable citizens, the developmentally disabled, with the Governor tomorrow, I think there’s some room to spend time on a lighter topic, which happens to interest a huge number of our listeners (we had singificantly more calls than we could get to).  That’s not even mentioning that some people are claiming this incident is exposing dishonesty from our government officials.  From what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t personally go that far, but the theory is certainly out there. 

Based on the above, I certainly think that merited interviews with the principals, discussion and maybe a little light-hearted fun with the topic for about a third of the show today.  That said, I can always use more topic suggestions for my aresenal of show fodder, so I always welcome you all to email them to us at our new email address,

More on Plategate

May 20, 2009

As our blog hits soar thanks to, here’s the latest update on the controversy surrounding the selection of the MS Paint License plate for the State of Nebraska and the possible hoax that enabled the same.  In short, something we’ve dubbed “Plategate”. 

We talked to Kevin Corrigan (podcast here), the guy over at Collegehumor that started this whole thing up.  He told us that his numbers indicated that over 14,000 votes (or at least link-clicks) cam from his posting on Collegehumor.  He also said that he doesn’t believe that there’s any way that those votes would have come in evenly for all four plates, although he didn’t have any evidence to back that up other than the fact that the post itself called for the voters to select option #2 (the ‘barf-tastic’ one).

We also talked to Jen Rae Hein (podcast here) from the Governor’s office who said all the votes were counted, even from Collegehumor, but that they didn’t skew the results because they came in evenly between the four options. 

We had a few people call in and complain that we were wasting time on a non-story.  I personally found it just what the doctor ordered for a state just off dealing with gravely serious issues like abortion ultrasounds and lethal injection.  But if you think we took it too far, what do you think of this site?  Yeah, nothing like a little Bill Callahan pic to rile up the masses.

Seriously, though, how many people actually believe the votes from came in equally between the designs?  I’m not calling anyone a liar, it’s just hard to buy, given the circumstantial evidence.  Are people actually upset enough about this to take action?  I got the sense that no matter how many complaints the DMV or Governor receive, that this is a done deal, but I’ve certainly been wrong before.

Nebraska’s Barf-tastic New Licence Plates: Chosen By A College Prank?

May 19, 2009

UPDATE:  Jack & John Exclusive – Governor’s spokeswoman Jen Rae Hein, joins us at 7:05am 7:35 a.m. WEDNESDAY to discuss possible sabotage in the online voting.  Kevin Corrigan, the mastermind behind College’s efforts to vote in Nebraska’s black & gray licence plates joins us at 7:15am WEDNESDAY on 1400 KLIN and

As pointed out by an alert commenter to our blog, Nebraska may have been victimized by a college prank website in the choice of our new licence plates.

Before those of you with taste prepare to bombard these little rascals back to the sweatsock smelling dorm room from whence they came, take a step back……..and congratulate them.

This prank, though very simple to execute, was pure genius.  Take advantage of a state that showed absolutely ZERO original thought and use it against them to select perhaps one of the dumbest licence plate designs since Henry Ford first slapped a Michigan tag on a Model A.  Seriously, look at the outpouring of people willing to submit their own designs to the World Herald and Journal Star.  A good majority of these homemade models were 10x better than the four we got to vote on – which were LEFTOVERS from the last design competition four years ago!!!!  Anything leftover from four years ago which doesn’t have the label Dom Perignon or Glenfiddich should be thrown down the trash compactor.

Hey, mom!  Anymore leftover meatloaf......from 2005???

Hey, mom! Anymore leftover meatloaf......from 2005???

We (and many callers) thought it was clearly the worst of the four options, all of which were fairly bad.  Doesn’t it look like Microsoft Word when you accidentally have left justify on and you intended for it to be centered?   It’s funny because I was on the phone with local advertising executive Jim Lauerman of Bailey Lauerman this weekend and we were both marveling at just how surprisingly bad this particular design was, but I don’t think either of us thought it had any chance of winning.

Yet somehow, this design won the popular vote.  Any of you vote for it? 

UPDATE: has thanked us for notifying them of this story.  For those of you out-of-Nebraska folks visiting the blog for the first time who would like to hear the interview, you can do so live at 7:15 Central here.

Radio/TV Jingles You Can’t Forget

May 12, 2009


I was trying to get some work done this morning and I could hear one of my FM Morning Show counterparts down the hall singing that  monotone “Five Dollar Footlong” jingle Subway has been running lately.  Next thing you know, I can’t stop get it out of my head no matter what  I do.  Curse you, marketing industry!  That got quite a conversation going about the most memorable/annoying/difficult to get out of your head radio and TV jingles of all time.  Now, whether it’s “You Deserve a Break Today” (see video) or “I want my baby back baby back baby back,” I can’t get these jingles out of my mind, so I’ve spent much of the day capturing some of the old ones you may have forgotten and we’ll do a rundown tomorrow complete with your calls. 

Also, that conversation dovetailed into yet another discussion about local radio spots we can’t forget.  Whether it’s the Schaeffer’s Christmas in July or “Gas ‘N Shop, good and friendly, and never too far away”, we all had memories.  I’d love to hear some of the national and local ad jingles you can’t forget in the comments section.

Nebraska’s Crap-tacular Licence Plate Contest

May 4, 2009

UPDATE:  Due to election discussion, we have pushed back the on-air discussion of the new Nebraska plates until Wednesday’s show.  Barring a breaking news story (and we’re not talking cable tv “breaking-news-when-it-really-isn’t-breaking-news”), we’ll take up this topic on Wednesday morning’s show at 7:35am.  Prepare to vent.

Here we go again.  The state of Nebraska is asking us to vote on our new licence plate design which will adorn our cars starting in 2011.  You might have guessed by the title of my post, that I am less than impressed with this year’s finalists, which are the licence plate beauty contest equivilent to a Miss America contest that comes down to Whoopi Goldberg, Amy Winehouse, the old lady from “The Goonies” and 1980’s Cyndi Lauper.

I don’t mean to be harsh to the fine folks who designed these four entries, but for cripes sake can’t anyone design an attractive licence plate for this state that once people see it, they will universally say “Holy crap!  That’s gonna look great on my car!  I’ll buy another car just so I can have another set!”

For examples of what other states have done, look around at this website.  Quick, how many of you use to cringe everytime you saw those blue with white letter adorned Iowegan cars?  It was like a scarlet letter that screamed “Look out, I have no clue what I am doing so be prepared to brake without warning.”

Here’s where you can vote.  The only real choice I see is the one with the meadowlark.  It’s different than what we’ve had before and it actually has stuff in it beyond the same old state capitol-Chimney Rock-farm animals motif that seems to have taken a stranglehold over our “we-don’t-want-to-do-Husker-themed-plates-for-fear-that-everyone-will-figure-out-that-we-really-are-single-minded.”  Here’s a look at some of our “winners” from past years.  I still remember fondly the Bi-centennial “Indian head” plates because those were the first ones I recall – and they looked great on dad’s old ’72 Impala.