The story of Abdul Gul

So I’m sitting in the KLIN newsroom late yesterday, trying to dig up some discussion fodder for this morning, and I come across the daily arrests from LPD and notice that one of the arrestees, Abdul Gul, appears to have a pretty catchy rhyming name.  As if that weren’t enough, I find out that he was arrested for getting in a fight while playing pool.  Seriously?  Did it involve a bar stool?  Is he a student at a trade school?  Is his favorite Kenny Loggins song “Nobody’s Fool”?

So, as you might have expected, we had to expound on the, uhhh, rhyminess of this story today–enjoy.  Oh, and to be clear, the man who was arrested has not been convicted of anything and all of the allegations leading to the arrest are just that, allegations, so please don’t draw any inferences about his guilt or innocence.  This is a fictional story loosely based upon the alleged events leading up to the arrest.  OK, I think that’s enough disclaiming.


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