The infamous Bowl O’ Pork

April 30, 2009
This is a Bowl o' pork

This is a Bowl o' pork

This is our contribution to aid the pork producers in Nebraska since they’re facing some misplaced backlash from “Swine Flu”. Eat pork–you won’t get sick, in fact, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Thanks to Chef Nader over at Billy’s for the assist.  BTW, this pork was supposed to go to state senators but it was siphoned to us.  I’m going to leave the pork/senator wisecracks to the commenters.


The Elected Officials’ BBQ

April 17, 2009

We had a lot of fun last night–thanks to everyone who attended:


How About a Smile on Monday Morning?

April 13, 2009

If you’ve got a couple minutes, this might be just what you need on a dreary, post-holiday day back at work.

The Evolution of Controversy

April 9, 2009

Well, roughly 13% of Lincoln has spoken and we’re now done with the city’s primary election.  So, on this morning’s show, we decided to take a tongue-in-cheek look at “rejected campaign ads” for various candidates.  Besides goofing on the Democratic party’s trying-too-hard attacks on Ken Svoboda and the lack of public knowledge about the Lincoln Airport Authority, we also got into the mix on the creationism/evolutionism debate that seems to be the only thing giving this School Board race any discussion among the masses (hear all three parodies here).

Our satirical ‘rejected ad’ was purported to be from candidate Kevin Keller (the primary winner in his district), who, according to the LJS told one voter that “he wished creationism was taught instead of evolution“.  This statement caused us to raise our eyebrows, and it did the same for a lot of voters.  Perhaps that’s why he thought it wise to distance himself from that statement later in the article. 

After the satirical ads ran, we got virtually no response from listeners (which is pretty rare for anything that we do), but apparently it struck a chord with some of the local Republican elected officials, several of whom contacted the folks who run the Keller campaign to notify them.  There was some misunderstanding of the parody’s reference to “Black Widows” and Clint Eastwood.  Chalk that one up to Bishop’s odd love for the 1979 flick “Every Which Way But Loose“.  There was also some sentiment that this parody, as a whole, was unfair or inappropriate.  

I was a little taken aback by the criticism of the piece, which we believe was a legitimate satire on a statement  made by someone seeking public office and the attention that the statement has since received by the media (we’re looking at you, LJS).   Did it involve hyperbole?  Sure, so did our fake ad targeting the local Dems.   That’s what satire is.  We also thought that the character in the piece was pretty darn funny.   

Do you have the right to disagree with the gist of the piece?  Absolutely.  We welcome discussion on it (in fact we had a great discussion on the issue with several callers from all over the spectrum last week).

In the end, I tend to believe the importance of the creationism/evolution issue in the school board elections has been a little overblown thanks to the Journal Star’s making front page news of this conversation.  In fact, lost among the critcs was the fact that we intended that very message to be conveyed by the over-the-top tone of the parody. 

While I don’t share Mr. Keller’s stated personal desire that only creationism should be taught in schools, I do think the rift should be explained in schools and both theories should be noted and explained from a scientific point of view.  This is coming from the son of pastor and someone who, in the end, does believe in intelligent design.  It’s funny because just a week ago I was getting pointed emails from evolutionists after espousing those views on the air during our call-in segment.  Seems I can’t win. 

In the end, I have not decided who I’ll be voting for in that particular Board of Education race during the general election, but I can tell you this, my decision will be based almost completely without regard to this issue.  With a son who will be entering LPS for the first time during this board’s tenure, I’ve got what I consider bigger fish to fry with as it pertains to his education. 

It’s also probably a good time to point out that this show will never be a mouthpiece for any political movement or candidate.  That doesn’t mean we won’t and haven’t called out our leaders and candidates when we think they deserve it, no matter the side of the aisle from which they hail.  In the end, we’re two guys who have opinions that might not always fit us into neat ideological categories, and we respect that many of our listeners may agree or disagree with us on issues.  That’s the beauty of talk radio–I love that it’s a marketplace of ideas, and as long as we have anything to do with it, our show will continue to be just that.

Chicanery With Fast Food Signs

April 9, 2009
We didnt' do it!

We didnt' do it!

So John and I needed to get out of the office after a long morning (more on that coming soon), so we went to grab some lunch.   When we pulled out of the driveway of the Amigo’s/Arby’s at 56th & O, we came upon this sign.  No, if you’re wondering, we didn’t do it, but it seemed a good time to have one of those cell phones with a built in camera.  

And here we thought that Todd Carpenter was the only source of signage controversy on O Street.

Corralling the Cable Guy

April 7, 2009

This morning we had a chance to visit with Mayor Chris Beutler about, among other things, the decision to move up the city’s annual Unlcle Sam Jam to July 3rd to make room for Larry the Cable Guy.  As we finished up the discussion, we had a caller ask about whether or not the city or University was concerned about Larry’s tendency to joke about people with developmental disabilities.  The caller appropriately pointed out that it might not be the best idea for the city or the University to burn any bridges with the folks at the Special Olympics given that both will be getting such a windfall when the Special Olympic Games come to town in 2010. 

Since we had already moved on to other subjects during our on-air conversation, I mentioned this to the Mayor during one of the breaks.  He then admitted he wasn’t too familiar with Larry’s act (it was shocking to me that Mayor Beutler doesn’t curl up with Delta Farce before bed every night) so he basically asked me whether those jabs were a common part of Larry’s schtick.  I indicated that I was only somewhat familiar but that I’d heard him use the “R-word” in previous TV specials. 

This got the Mayor thinking and as he’ll often do when John and I suggest issues or ideas to him while he’s in studio, he grabbed a piece of paper and made some notes to himself about this item for future reference.  Once we mentioned the connection with the Special Olympics, he seemed genuinely interested in exploring the issue. 

Now, I’m not saying there’s any remote possibility that the folks at the Special Olympics could or would fold up their tents and change their mind about Nebraska in 2010, but still, it would be embarassing for them to have to respond to inquiries about a television special airing repeatedly on Comedy Central that includes Larry dropping “R-bombs” with Memorial Stadium and Lincoln as the backdrop.  Given the increased importance of the Special Olympic games to this city’s economy after the NSAA inexplicably decided to move state VB to Grand Island, it doesn’t behoove anyone involved to be anywhere but in the good graces of the Special Olympics.  That doesn’t even mention the fact that for better or worse, Larry will likely never have seen a live audience with such a high percentage of children in the crowd.  

All that said, it makes me wonder if the Mayor and Coach Osborne, assuming they haven’t already, should have a sit-down with Larry’s people and make sure all of his content won’t embarass us on a National Stage.   Your thoughts?

The story of Abdul Gul

April 1, 2009

So I’m sitting in the KLIN newsroom late yesterday, trying to dig up some discussion fodder for this morning, and I come across the daily arrests from LPD and notice that one of the arrestees, Abdul Gul, appears to have a pretty catchy rhyming name.  As if that weren’t enough, I find out that he was arrested for getting in a fight while playing pool.  Seriously?  Did it involve a bar stool?  Is he a student at a trade school?  Is his favorite Kenny Loggins song “Nobody’s Fool”?

So, as you might have expected, we had to expound on the, uhhh, rhyminess of this story today–enjoy.  Oh, and to be clear, the man who was arrested has not been convicted of anything and all of the allegations leading to the arrest are just that, allegations, so please don’t draw any inferences about his guilt or innocence.  This is a fictional story loosely based upon the alleged events leading up to the arrest.  OK, I think that’s enough disclaiming.